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Writing dissertations is one of the essential requirements that you will be required to fulfil before graduating from any institution of higher learning. It involves the investigation of a particular research problem within one’s area of study. However, a successful dissertation should include an abstract that can be used in the place of the full dissertation; it provides an overview of the information covered in the full text.

In most of the cases, learners gets stressed and nervous when they are required to write quality papers for the purposes of graduating from university. Such situations are often attributable to either the lack of enough time to handle the research projects due to other commitments or the lack of knowledge on what to write about. Often, many learners resort to look for dissertation abstract writing help from someone.

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Part II: How to Write a Successful Dissertation Abstract

What is a Dissertation Abstract?

The process of writing a dissertation abstract that covers the necessary aspects of your paper starts with the understanding of what a dissertation abstract is. Such an approach ensures that you are prepared on what you are required to write as your dissertation’s abstract. An abstract is a very important element of any academic paper and hence, you ought to give it the necessary consideration to ensure that you cover all the important aspects. Writing a good dissertation abstract should focus on offering an overview of your dissertation in terms of what the dissertation covers. Your dissertation proposal abstract should highlight the major elements points, arguments, methodology, and findings for your study in a condensed form.

Are you been looking for help on how to craft a dissertation abstract online? This article provides is a complete dissertation abstract writing guide. Have you written dissertation outline before? Here are a few tips to get you started on how to write a dissertation abstract:

  • When writing your dissertation abstract, ensure that it is placed the start of the dissertation.
  • Your dissertation abstract should act as the first section that substantively offers a description of what the dissertation covers.
  • A dissertation abstract is considered as a summary of your full paper; it should cover of your work’s major elements.
  • Your abstract is functionless if it cannot act as a stand-alone text; it should be able to explain the full dissertation form introduction to conclusion without having to refer to the dissertation itself.
  • The abstract of your dissertation is different from the dissertation’s introduction since the role of an introduction is to prepare readers for the dissertation whereas the abstract summaries the contents of the dissertation.

Size and Structure

The size of your dissertation abstract matters a lot. This is attributable to the fact that you need to have an abstract that is able to successfully accommodate all the major elements of your work. However, the size and structure of your dissertation ought to be dictated by your level of study since a PhD dissertation abstract differs in terms of content from a master’s dissertation abstract. The recommended size for a master’s dissertation abstract is 150 words while a doctoral dissertation abstract should have about 350 words. In spite of this, it is important to avoid long abstracts as this might interfere with the visual coherence of your paper. For this reason, you can ensure that your word count for a doctoral dissertation abstract does not go past 280 words.

The structure of your dissertation is equally important, as there ought to be some form of consistency when it comes to the arrangement of your abstract. What then should you consider when writing your dissertation abstracts’ structure? The structure that you adopt for your dissertation ought to align well with the entire dissertation. The implication is that your abstract should mirror your dissertation in terms of the major elements covered; basically the abstract should is a condensed version of your dissertation.

The idea of your abstract’s structure ought to be based on the number of chapters in your dissertation. For instance, if your dissertation comprises of six chapters, ensure that each of these chapters is included in your abstract, followed by a short description of what the chapter covers. However, remember that your abstract is a summary of the dissertation and hence, the description should remain very short and clear; one to three sentences will be enough.

Clearly Specify Your Research Questions

Do you have research questions or hypothesis for your dissertation? These are important elements that should be included in the abstract section.

Here are a few tips for writing dissertation abstract especially when it comes to the inclusion of research questions:

  • Ensure that you have clear research questions that are self-explanatory. This is attributable to the fact that the research questions enhance the structure of your abstract in terms of logic and coherence
  • The research questions should act as the skeleton of your abstract and hence, create a platform for other elements to adhere.
  • Ensure that you place your research questions at the beginning of the abstract. This way, readers are able to understand the direction that your abstract is taking in terms of its content.
  • One to three research questions are enough.


Your abstract would be incomplete without the results of your study. Remember that your abstract should have the ability of being used in the place of the entire dissertation. As such, the section on results is very important. Most people make the mistake of failing to present the results in the abstract. Your readers would find it extremely difficult to relate with the major points in such an abstract.

The most important part of a dissertation is not telling the readers about your methodology but letting them know what you discovered. The rationale behind including the methodology section in the dissertation is basically to add some sense of evidence regarding the results that you have provided.

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