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Dissertation conclusions are very important as far as the process of writing a successful dissertation is concerned. In spite of this, most learners tend to overlook this essential part of a dissertation and hence, make their dissertation incomplete. The next time you are writing any dissertation, take your time to include a comprehensive conclusion; it is very important especially for the purpose of bringing together all the main points and ideas that you have covered in your paper. Mostly, writers tend to copy sections of their dissertation and paste them at the end of the paper as the conclusion. Such an approach is wrong since a conclusion to any academic paper is more than just copied-and-pasted sections of the full text; it is a section where you briefly remind your readers of the thesis statement of your paper, important arguments, and points made in the paper, as well as a call them to act.

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Part II: How to Write a Dissertation Conclusion

What is a Dissertation Conclusion?

A high quality dissertation has the introduction section, the body, and the conclusions part. Often, the conclusion is the last part of dissertation and it is written after all other sections. It is the section that summarizes the entire dissertation by restating the thesis statement adopted from the start, and providing a summary of the main points that you have covered in the main part of the dissertation. In addition, the dissertation conclusion covers a section on the implication of the subject addressed on the given target audience. As such, you can see that the conclusions part of the dissertation plays a significant role as far as the development of the plot of any dissertation is concerned.

Getting Started: Dissertation Conclusion Writing

Have you completed dissertation and wondering how to write a dissertation conclusion? Do you have the time to write it all by yourself? If not, do not worry since you can let us know the details of your assignment and we will provide you with a high quality conclusion that mirrors all the aspect of your dissertation. In case you are willing to write the conclusion by yourself, we have you covered still; this article contains important tips and tricks on dissertation conclusion writing that can help you develop a successful conclusion.

Writing a dissertation conclusion can be a daunting task especially for learners who have never written a dissertation before. However, you only need to understand a few things especially about what to include in a dissertation conclusion and other things will fall in place. One of the important things that you should be aware of when preparing to write a conclusion for your dissertation in any topic is that a conclusion is a very important element of any dissertation. Without this element, your dissertation appears incomplete because your readers need to see a wrap up of all the important points and/or arguments in your dissertation’s body.

In addition, many learners make the mistake of copying sections that they have written in the body of the dissertation and pasting them at the end of the dissertation. Such a move is not only a mere repetition, but it is also unprofessional. The conclusion section offers you an opportunity to remind your readers of what you have addressed in the dissertation and how such issues impact them.

What Dissertation Conclusion Includes

There are a number of reasons why many learners fight it hard to compose a successful conclusion paragraph. One of the common reasons is that they lack the idea on what to include in the dissertation conclusion. Highlighted below are some tips to guide you on the decision regarding what to include in your dissertation conclusion structure:

  • Ensure that the readers get to understand what the dissertation is about after reading your conclusion.
  • Why is your argument in the dissertation important? Elaborate on the context of your dissertation.
  • What are the implications of your dissertation’s arguments in the present and in the future as far as your target audience is concerned.
  • Provide a statement that shows the end of your dissertation conclusion.

How to Write Dissertation Conclusion

The basic dissertation conclusion writing guide emphasizes on starting with the thesis restatement, summary of the main points covered in the body of your dissertation, and lastly, identifying the call of action.

  • Thesis statement/Position
    Your readers should see your thesis statement as well as be able to identify the stand that you take. It is advisable to avoiding copying and pasting your thesis from the introduction section. Instead, restate your argument using general approach. Such an approach is important in that it offers your readers conviction of your ability to craft cohesive argument by ensuring consistency of ideas from introduction to the conclusion.
  • Dissertation Context
    What is the importance of the subject that you have addressed in the paper? Here is where you need to identity your dissertation’s larger context by providing a summary of your main points as covered n in the body of the paper. “So what?” is the question that you should focus on answering in this section; Now, that you have addressed the given subject, so what?
    Why was it necessary to address the subject? You can answer this question by briefly showing how your arguments can be used in advancing knowledge within the given field of study. However, while at it, remember to take position debatably or even offer a solution to a given problem that influenced the study.
  • Implications
    What are the impacts of your dissertation’s arguments to the target population?

Reviewing of conclusion

After you have completed writing your conclusion, take some time to review it; does it cover all the important structural elements identified above? How about grammar and sentence structure? Revise and edit where necessary.

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