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Writing dissertations is one of the essential requirements that you will be required to fulfil before graduating from any institution of higher learning. It involves the investigation of a particular research problem within one’s area of study. However, a successful dissertation should include a literature review that provides the relationship between your study and other previously conducted studies.

More often, students find themselves under stress when they are told to carry out a research project and write a dissertation literature review before graduating from the university. Panic and stress are situations that come up as a result of the lack of preparations when it comes dissertation writing or even the lack of the time due to other personal commitments. It is such situations that push learners to look for dissertation literature review writing help from someone or even custom writing companies.

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What is the specific type of paper that you are required to write? The availability of a diverse team of writers makes it possible for us to handle assignments for different types of papers such as reports, term papers, thesis, dissertations, as well as research papers. Just let us know what type of paper your project is and we will tailor our literature review just for that purpose.

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All Questions Answered Here: How to Write a Dissertation Literature Review?

A high-quality dissertation paper should have a section on the literature review. Perhaps you are asking yourself, what is a dissertation literature review? It is a section that provides a critical evaluation of other studies that are closely related to the one that you are carrying out at the moment. It covers a description, summary, evaluation, and clarification of literature related to the subject area that you have chosen to address.

The important of a dissertation literature review is that it helps you to support or even refute various claims regarding your topic area. As such, an in-depth literature review adds credibility to your dissertation in that your readers can comfortably relate your arguments to those of other authors of related literature. However, for you to achieve this objective, you need to have a few tips on how to write a dissertation literature review that critically analyses the major concepts of any given subject area.

The process of writing a dissertation literature review that covers the necessary aspects of your paper starts with an understanding of what the dissertation is about as this helps you to narrow down your literature search. In addition, there are important aspects that you should consider during the dissertation literature review writing process. Outlined below are a number of tips on dissertation literature review writing to help you get started:

  • Most people make the mistake of simply describing in summary what other authors have written; a dissertation literature review ought to be a critical discussion that shows insights as well as an understanding on the difference in approaches, theories, as well as arguments presented in a given reading material.
  • Ensure that you provide the views of various authors regarding a given subject in the form of compare and contrast as such an approach ensures that you can look at the presented issues from different angles as presented by the various authors.
  • Ensure that you categorize the authors in terms of similarity and difference in viewpoints.
  • Use the methodology of any of the material that you are reading as a source of criticism.
  • Ensure that you show your readers the connection and/or relationship between your study and other previously conducted studies.
  • Provide a conclusion in which you summarize the findings based on the review of relate literature.

Basics of the Dissertation Literature Review Structure

The research area and the thesis that you develop largely affect the final dissertation literature review structure. In spite of this, you will find that the commonly used structure when writing a literature review in any subject is to carry out a compare and contrast approach of your selected literature with respect to the subject area. It is important to avoid describing the views of one writer before offering a general viewpoint of the next writer.

The structure of your literature review ought to be determined by questions, controversial, or even by the topic areas that lead to the various theories and approaches. Therefore, you are required to offer a discussion about the literature findings that you have come across within the identified sections. It is important to ensure that you establish a link between your study’s own purpose and that of the literature. You should make use of inking words in the course of your writing. Some of the words and phrases that you can use include; again, also, in addition, similarly, nevertheless, conversely, on the other hand, however, among others.

Actual Writing Process of the Review

The first thing to consider when writing your dissertation review is the source of information for your paper. What materials are you going to read? In most of the cases, learners have a list of published work or a booklist that they can use to get the required information about the subject area chosen. In the case where you are required to choose the reading materials, your work will be to establish a number of parameters for your research such as the study’s objectives, theoretical overview, the type of research, methodology among others. To ensure that all important aspects especially on the dissertation literature review format are addressed, consider creating dissertation literature review guide to act as the roadmap.

Final Checklist

After you have written your dissertation literature review, it is important to go over it to find out whether or not all the important aspects are covered. As such, the final checklist focuses on the selection of the sources, how you have critically evaluated the literature, and a section on your interpretation of the literature findings with respect to the subject area.

The purpose of the final checklist is to ensure that your literature review is rich in terms of the use of quality and valid materials, as well as ensure that your review is based on critical analysis as opposed to a mere description of authors’ viewpoints.

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