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The process of writing the final dissertation starts with an outline and identification of the topic that suits your research with respect to your field of study. However, before you start the dissertation writing process, you need to have dissertation proposal whereby you outline what you plan to do in your final paper. Even though it sounds like simple outline, writing a successful dissertation proposal is much more involving and complex at the same time especially for individuals doing it for the first time.

Have you written a proposal for a dissertation before? Perhaps this is your first time. We understand the stress that is associated with the thought of compiling a successful dissertation proposal and this is why we are always ready to offer our custom dissertation writing service to any customer who seeks our assistance. For this reason, if you do not have the time or are not aware of how to write a dissertation proposal, you should not worry any more since we are here just for people like you. But, who are we? Perhaps you need to know us a bit better. We are a dissertation writing company that offers dissertation proposal help to clients in different fields of study.

And what makes us your preferred choice when it comes to dissertation proposal writing help? Here is an overview on why:

First, we have it takes to craft a successful dissertation proposal-We have in this business for a long time such that we have mastered the important aspects to include in any dissertation proposal to make it outstanding while at the same time ensuring that our clients’ instructions are expectations are met. Clients from different nations prefer our dissertation proposal online services since we have mastered the art of effect dissertation proposal writing.

Secondly, we owe our success, as far as our professional dissertation proposal writing services are concerned, to a team of writers who are experienced and committed to ensure that all your dissertation proposal needs are addressed. We have the best writers and editors and we do our best to train and develop them for a chance to ensure that there is continuity as far as the quality content that these individuals produce. For this reason, we guarantee you the best service from us; whether master dissertation proposal writing service or even PhD dissertation proposal writing service.

In addition, our team of writers is diverse in terms of the specialties that they can engage in and this has always worked to our advantage in ensuring that no client is turned down on claims of lack of the right person to handle his or her project. In a similar manner, we assure you that we have the best match for your project’s needs. What we need is the details about your proposal and we will assign it to the best writer in your field of study.

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Our team of writers helps us to handle papers in different disciplines and level of study. For example, we can do different types of papers such as reports, term papers, thesis, dissertations, as well as research papers. Let us know the specific details of you project and we assure you that a professional will handle it.

Our Benefits and Features

Committed Writers

Our writers are committed and have necessary qualification and experience to handle assignments in different levels of study and diverse disciplines.

Professional Research

We provide our writers with a database that is rich in terms of valuable secondary and primary sources for reference purposes. You are assured that your dissertation proposal is based on thorough and professional research and hence, contains real and credible supporting ideas to back up any arguments and major points of your topic.

Our writers make the use of reliable academic sources to support any claims that they make in the papers. As such, the final paper is not only high quality but also plagiarism free since reference is done from reliable sources.

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Our online support team is available 24/7and ready to answer any questions that you might have regarding our services or your project.

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We offer unlimited and free revisions for any assignments that we handle unless there are additional instructions. We therefore advise you to review any paper, which you receive from us and ask for any amendments according to the initial instructions.

Progressive delivery

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines as well as significance of submitting papers that meets our clients’ expectations. This is why we have the progressive delivery feature to allow you receive drafts as the writer works towards the final copy. Review all drafts and ask for changes if need be.

High Quality Papers

We write all our papers from scratch and hence, you are assured of original and high quality papers.

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Dissertation Proposal Writing Manual: All Details Here

Are you required to write your dissertation proposal? Then it is high time you prepared yourself early in advance. Such preparation is important in that it gives you a platform that you can rely on to ensure that the actual process of writing your proposal is quite simple and easy. This is attributable to the fact that prior preparation helps you to outline the important aspects to cover in your proposal. Do you want to learn how to write a dissertation proposal? Read this article up to the end and you will find a few tips on dissertation proposal writing that can help you get started with your next dissertation proposal.

What is a Dissertation Proposal?

Understanding what a dissertation proposal is forms the starting point to writing a clear dissertation proposal that meets all the important guidelines. One of the most common questions among first time dissertation writers that can help you take off with your dissertation proposal writing is, what is a dissertation proposal? A dissertation proposal can be described as a file that provides a researcher’s intent to carry out a particular research in a given subject often, the dissertation proposal is written before the final dissertation.

In most of the cases, institutions of higher learning evaluate your project’s feasibility by scrutinizing the dissertation proposal for the purpose of gauging our possible your proposed research is. As such, a clearly written dissertation proposal will always be approved and hence, you need to put a lot of effort in ensuring that your proposal interests your instructors. You can achieve this by demonstrating your mastery of the subject area, and that you have enough information to offer the necessary support to your arguments and main points.

Ideal Structure of Your Dissertation Proposal

Perhaps you are wondering what the dissertation proposal structure should be like? Here is where you have to think deeply about the components to include in your proposal. Normally, you will find that different types of papers or even projects in different levels of study adopt a different dissertation proposal format. For example, a MBA dissertation proposal might be different from a master’s dissertation proposal in terms of the depth of the concepts to address. In spite of this, there are a number of key aspects that are common for any dissertation proposal. These include, the abstract, the introduction section, the methods sections, the literature review section, the expected challenges of the study, discussion and conclusion.

The abstract

A dissertation proposal abstract refers to a stand-alone text that is placed at the beginning of your proposal and offers a brief summary of your proposal’s main elements. It explains the scope of the study, proposed literature review, proposed methodology, as well as expected results and findings. Basically, this part can be used in place of the full proposal.

The introduction

The introduction section is one of the important sections of your dissertation proposal. It is in this section where you are supposed to identify the central research question that guides your study. As such, your readers need to see an overview of your proposed study’s background here. Ensure that you come up with a strong thesis statement and a hook to offer you the necessary guidance in the course of the writing process.


The methodology section of your dissertation highlights the various methods and tools of collecting, analyzing and presenting data for the purpose of drawing meaningful conclusion with regard to your study. Make a clarification on whether you are dealing with a qualitative dissertation proposal or a quantitative one. Such declaration is important since you will have to use different methods of data collection and analysis for the qualitative and quantitative approaches. However, despite the choice of methods that you adopt it is important to offer your justification.

Literature Review

The literature review section of your dissertation proposal offers a brief overview of your subject area in the views of other authors. In most of the cases, it is advisable to ensure that your literature review is strong and comprehensive. Avoid offering a description of other authors’ views; you need to critical analyze how such views relate to your study and arguments.

Search for websites, articles, and books that addressed related literature. Often, a strong proposal is determined by the strength of supporting and contrasting views that you include from reliable sources.


Identify a number of challenges those are likely to affect he proposed study. It is important to take consideration on how you will overcome such challenges to ensure that your study is successful and that the results are least affected. In addition, have as section that highlights how particular issues will influence your research.

The Proposal Writing Process: Fundamentals

Now that you have established the components to consider in your dissertation proposal writing process, it is high time you started the actual process of writing your dissertation. A suitable approach in this case is to consider starting with a dissertation proposal outline. Such an approach will make the entire writing process quiet easy and cheap since the outline highlights major elements that you need to cover in your proposal. As such, it guides the entire dissertation proposal writing process such that you know your boundaries in terms of what to include and what to leaver out.

Here are a few tips to help you come up with a strong proposal regardless of whether it is a MSC dissertation proposal or not:

To ensure that you achieve such objectives, you need to learn how to put into consideration a few elements as highlighted below:

  • Do not consider the dissertation proposal as a summary; instead view it as a document that provides your intention to carry out a research project about a given subject.
  • Choose a dissertation proposal topic that you are sure to address with ease. To achieve this, make a list of plausible dissertation proposal topics and narrow down to the appropriate one.
  • Ensure that the topic that you choose is narrow.
  • Your dissertation proposal should act as a future research plan and this is what your readers

Do Not Forget to Review!

After you have completed your dissertation, go through it, proofread, and edit where necessary.

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