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A research proposal is an integral part of almost any serious research paper. It is like a brief overview of the research project you are going to do intended to convince others that it is worthwhile, relevant, and important for your area of study. Therefore, if you don’t want your research to be disapproved, you need to make sure your proposal is of the highest quality and follows all the requirements and rules of your university. However, if you have no time for writing this paper or simply don’t know how to do it right, do not hesitate to order research proposal writing services offered by Dissertationlabs! Specializing in writing completely unique and persuasive research proposal papers for all academic levels, we are your best chance of getting your project accepted! Our qualified academic writers are always ready to deal with even the most time-consuming and challenging papers no matter the deadline. We are proficient in everything we do and, therefore, can say with confidence that your research proposal is in the right hands! Your satisfaction is our foremost priority, and we will make every effort to provide you with the best paper ever!

What do we offer?

A Master research proposal writing service, as well as a PhD research proposal writing service, is not the only service we offer at Dissertationlabs.com. In fact, we can provide you with any writing service you need! In particular, here you can order:

  • an essay of any type;
  • a term paper;
  • a coursework;
  • a book report;
  • a movie review;
  • an article critique;
  • a case study;
  • a lab report;
  • a reaction paper;
  • a grant proposal;
  • a PhD dissertation.

In other words, Dissertationlabs is the all-in-one solution to all academic writing problems. Therefore, no matter your reason to order a custom paper from professional writers, now you know where to come for help! Moreover, since we work 24/7 for your convenience, you can place your order or get a consultation at any time. Our responsive customer support managers will be happy to provide you with any information you need.

However, that’s not all! Along with the academic writing services, we also provide students and business professionals with qualified editing and proofreading help. This simply means that if you have written your paper yourself but want a professional editor to check it for style, grammar, and punctuation, you can easily order such services at Dissertationlabs.com. Our experienced editors and proofreaders are always at your disposal!

Why choose Dissertationlabs?

If you are looking for reliable research proposal writing help, Dissertationlabs is the best choice for several very important reasons:

  • Your satisfaction is our top priority, which means that we will work for you until you are totally happy with the result obtained.
  • You won’t find any other research proposal online service that offers custom papers written by only qualified Master’s and PhD-level writers.
  • Our prices are affordable for any student, not to mention a whole range of available bonuses and discounts.
  • We deliver only original papers with no trace of plagiarism and can provide you with a corresponding report if necessary.
  • All our papers are double-checked by the in-house Quality Control Department that guarantees the highest quality of everything written by our writers.
  • We offer a superb client service available around-the-clock, even on weekends and public holidays.
  • Your contact and order details are securely stored on our database and never provided to any third parties.

Last but not least thing you should know about Dissertationlabs is that we don’t sell pre-written papers or use those that have been written for another customer. Moreover, we guarantee to delete your custom paper once you approve and download it.

How it works

To order a custom research proposal writing service from Dissertationlabs is as easy as ABC. The whole process includes only several steps that require from you minimum effort. Here they are!

  • Fill in our order form to provide us with your assignment details (area of study, academic level, number of pages, deadline, etc.) and your contact information.
  • Make the payment. For obvious reasons, we can start processing your order only after your payment is received.
  • Relax while your paper is being written for you. Keep in mind that we choose the writer according to your instructions provided in the order form.
  • Let our Quality Control Department check the writer’s work for plagiarism, grammar, and compliance with your requirements.
  • Get your final paper and carefully check it yourself. Please note that if you want us to make any changes, simply send the paper back. All revisions are free.
  • Once you are satisfied with our work, download and print the paper. It is ready to submit!

As you can see, dealing with us is easy and safe. Therefore, if you need help with your research proposal or any other academic paper, feel free to order professional writing services from Dissertationlabs!

How to write a research proposal?

The problem is that many students at the beginning of their career in academic research have no idea what research proposal means, and how it is important to make it effective and strong. Let’s fix it!

What is a research proposal? In a nutshell, it is a brief summary of the proposed research that contains its major elements, demonstrates its originality, and shows its usefulness for the particular field of study. Moreover, a research proposal is intended to convince the reader that you have enough knowledge and skills to conduct your own research, and, what is no less important, that you know exactly how to do it. In other words, you need not only to write about the research you intend to do but also to show why and how you want to do it. If everything is properly written and explained, your research project will be approved. In this way, the success of your career in academic research largely depends on your research proposal writing skills. However, several proven tips from experts may also come in handy. Consider the following research proposal writing guide, and you will be able to effectively propose any research project!

What to include in the research proposal

Obviously, before to start writing your research proposal, you need to choose a topic for it. In fact, research proposal topics strongly affect the quality of the final paper, so make sure you have the right one. After all, the more you passionate about your topic, the better your research proposal is. This simply means that if you want to succeed with your paper, you need to select a topic that truly interests you. Think outside the box, and you are guaranteed to come up with really good research proposal topic ideas that will bring you the desired result.

Once you know what to write about, it’s time to create a research proposal outline. It will not only give you the understanding of how well you are able to articulate and conceptualize your research ideas but also show you the right direction in writing. Please note, an outline for a research proposal paper doesn’t require from you details, but rather general ideas that relate to your project. It is also worth noting that an outline can be written in different formats depending on your area of study and requirements. However, whether it comes to quantitative or qualitative research proposal outline, it usually includes your topic, the explanation why it is important, and the methodological approach you are going to take.

In most cases, an outline has the following research paper structure:

  • Project title
  • Research proposal abstract
  • Research proposal introduction
  • Research context
  • Research questions
  • Research methods
  • Significance of research
  • Bibliography

Write down your ideas and main point for each chapter. This will help you organize your thoughts and logically structure your paper. Once your outline is ready, you can start writing your research proposal. By the way, it is recommended to write the Abstract and the Introduction chapters only after the first draft is finalized.

How long the research proposal should be

A research paper may be an independent project or a part of a larger one, it may be based on different types of study, it may depend on the discipline you are writing in, etc. Since research proposal papers are not all the same, there is no right answer to this question. In most cases, a research proposal ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 words, but the truth is that there is no lower or upper limit to this. Just like a funding body, each educational institution may have different requirements and word limits. In this way, if you are not sure about the number of pages or words for your research proposal, do not hesitate to consult your advisor.

Moreover, keep in mind that an MBA research proposal and an MSc research proposal, as well as a Master’s research proposal and a PhD research proposal, may also have different formats for the research proposal. Therefore, it is crucial to know exactly what table of contents, font, line spacing, and typeface to use.

Revising your research proposal

After you have written the final draft of your research proposal, you need to edit and proofread it. What to pay your attention to? Here are several important points to check:

  • Section headings. Each section or chapter you include in your research proposal should have its own heading.
  • Length of the sentences. Too long sentences make it difficult to read and understand the content, so it is better to keep them shorter and more concise.
  • Logical structure. Check your paper for logical structure and smooth transitions between the paragraphs and sentences.
  • Academic English. Obviously, any academic paper should be written in academic English, which eliminates the use of shortened forms of verbs, slang, jargon, etc.
  • Research proposal format. The format requirements are very important, so make sure all the sources are properly cited. After all, MLA and APA research proposal styles are different in their citation systems, formatting, and general approaches to writing.
  • Proofreading. Finally, check your research proposal paper for grammar and punctuation. In addition, it is always better to wait several days and then double check the paper again with a fresh pair of eyes. Once everything is complete, you are ready to submit your research proposal!

These simple yet effective tips on research proposal writing can help you succeed with such a challenging assignment on your own. However, if you still require professional help, do not hesitate to order academic writing services from Dissertationlabs! Our expert writers can not only provide you with the entire custom-written paper but also assist you with writing any of its chapters. Whatever help you need, you can always count on our experienced team. Just let us know about your research proposal problem, and we will do our best to satisfy all your writing needs!

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